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I love gadgets, apps, widgets, Siri, and anything else that makes my life a little more organized.  I am often asked what apps I love, what Bible app I use, and how I write notes or study.  I would love to share all of that with you.  In the past, I have used many different methods and still have all the notebooks that house my thoughts, church notes, and first sermons tucked away in my home office.  However, with the way that technology has infiltrated its way into every area of life, it only makes sense to learn and utilize it for the good of the Kingdom.

Top 3 Apps for leaders from http://amandacmcneil.com

Technology is changing all the time, so I am continuously checking out new things.  For now, here is my current list of favorites:

Bible App YouVersion Bible app link from http://amandacmcneil.com

I love the YouVersion Bible app.  It is the first Bible app listed in the App Store – and it is free!  Not only can you read the Bible in multiple versions and languages, but you can also make bookmarks, highlights, take notes, sign up for a Bible reading plan, and read public notes from those in your community. What I absolutely love about it though, is that everything you do is attached to your profile and you can access it all from the online site.  I love this method of study because I can tag my bookmarked verses and go back at a later time and easily find what I am looking for.  It also has a sharing feature enabled to easily tweet or facebook verses.  It also has pop-up reminders if you have not been sticking to your reading plan, it can remind you!

My YouVersion Profile

Note App Evernote App link from http://amandacmcneil.com

Like my Bible app, Evernote is fully integrated online in addition to being available to smart phones.  Any note I make in my free Evernote iPhone app is instantly available on my Evernote account online and even from the iPad app.  I use Evernote to take notes in church, write sermons, make to-do lists, make my grocery list, and keep a running list of blog ideas.  I love that you can create tags for notes, include the location of the place you took the note, and integrate photos inside your notes.  I have used the photo to take a picture of something I have at home, then I can easily see if something in the store that I am considering purchasing coordinates with what I already have.  I am also grateful to Evernote for integrating auto-save into the phone app since I have, unfortunately, lost notes in the past.  Now I do not have to worry about specifically saving a note because the program does it for me.

Bookmarking App Delicious app link from http://amandacmcneil.com

I was recently introduced to the handy website Delicious through a great conference I attended recently.  This is an online organizational site that stores all your bookmarks on your profile.  This is a great tool if you are constantly using a different computer so you can still access all the sites you have fallen in love with, but cannot quite remember the name of.  You can follow other users, tag your bookmarks, and make any individual bookmark public or private in case you do not want to share every detail.  This website is available as a .99 cent app to have handy on your smart phone, though I have yet to explore this option.

My Delicious Profile

So these are some of my favorite tools. What apps/websites/widgets/tools do you like to use? 

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