Tuesday Tweets 10.9.12

It was a big week for me!  I am still taking it all in so I will write more about that later.  For now, here is a re-cap of my week, thoughts and articles I love, a cause worth championing, and some wisdom and humor from some lovely Neo ladies!

Last Sunday

Today my wife was ordained! Pastor @!! We are so blessed to be rooted in @ City Of Life Church http://t.co/0lNo74cN
Justin McNeil

Honored & blessed w the privilege to ordain @ today!A daughter of the house & beautiful example in the Kingdom #newdispensation
Amy Smith

My wife and I had the honor of ordaining a lady who grew up in our youth group. @ we are proud of you and honored.
Jeffrey Smith


Good Stuff

5 Secrets to the Best Night’s Sleep Ever (And Why It Will Make you a 10X Better Leader) - http://t.co/WlijTOMu
Margaret Feinberg
As you practice forgiveness, the angry, bitter thoughts and feelings will occur less and less.
Dr. Gary Chapman
Salvation costs us nothing but discipleship costs us everything.--pastor @ #COLchurch
Cassie Hendon
Wanna win a Kindle Fire HD? It's easy... find out here: http://t.co/9ukbdOmF
Jillian Lawson


Neo Bytes

Best thing about Florida: Your morning coffee left in the car is even hotter at the end of the day. #justasgood
Jaclyn Swyers

You can't count on other people to create your atmosphere of worship. #stepupandstandout
Tiffany Travy

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