Big Week!

It has been much too quiet around here.  I have been quite busy, but so enjoying it!
Haute|31 logo - an online magazine for the modern woman - live the elevated lifeI have been working with four other friends on a new venture – Haute|31 – an online magazine style blog for modern women.  It is all about how a woman can live an elevated life, no matter what her current status or situation is.  I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!  It has been a fun venture to start, and being on this journey with four close friends has been incredible.


Love Serve Live challenge by City of Life ChurchCity of Life has also been in the middle of our three week Love-Serve-Live challenge.  Each week we’ve been examining how to better love God, serve others, and live big!  It has been an incredible journey as well.  Each day has a specific challenge and the guide is posted online.  Check it out!  It is always good to challenge yourself and see what areas can grow better.

Live big this week!

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