Servant Leadership

This past Sunday was humbling.  I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness, His sweet timing, and the family of City of Life Church that He set me in.  Ever since I was a young child, I knew I was called to be in full-time ministry, and I knew that unlike my parents it would not be full-time on the foreign mission field.  I loved being in the jungles and mountains of Honduras, the villages of Haiti, and the islands of the gulf with sweet hearted people who are hungry for God.  But even as I child I knew that foreign missions would always be a part of my life, but not my daily life.  I knew I was called to the body, to the church family, and to walk through life with people.

I am proudly an alumnus of Southeastern University, where I studied psychology and counseling to further my passion in walking with people through their darkest hours.  The university’s motto is servant-leadership as exemplified by the Divine Servant, a statue of Jesus washing Peter’s feet, in the middle of the campus.

“Divine Servant” at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL – photo from SEU’s Flikr account

Though Southeastern was not the first to introduce this concept of leading through service, this fountain is a significant picture for me.  Not only is it one of the nicest spots on campus to sit in the sun and read, but the meaning is moving.  The level of humility exemplified by Jesus challenges me to serve outside my comfort zone.

This past Sunday I was ordained.  I am honored to serve City of Life and the body of Christ as a pastor.  Leading, teaching the Word, and walking through life with people has been in my heart since childhood.  It was beautiful to take my place next to my husband, follow in the footsteps of my parents, and be a part of my senior pastors’ vision to raise up those around them.

It is humbling to be a part of God’s plan.  It is also precious to me that I get to lead in a greater way through greater servanthood.

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