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Miracle in the Making

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Yesterday was day 119.

I had the privilege of hearing Christine Caine speak at my church yesterday. Her words stirred my faith in a way my spirit was desperately needing.

Christine Caine via Amanda C. McNeil's Instagram

She was speaking about Joshua leading the Israelites’ march around Jericho for seven days in a row, once a day on days 1-6 and seven times on the seventh day. That is a total of 13 times. She mentioned how on time 8 or 9 the Israelites may have wanted a sign that the wall was indeed going to come down. Perhaps they wished to see a stone fall. Maybe they looked a little closer hoping to discover new cracks. What if they stopped on the 12th time around? What if they got discouraged when they saw no progression and no indication that God was going to move on their behalf?

I could relate to this. I have huge, unwavering faith in the goodness of God. I join my faith with others as I pray with them for God to miraculously heal cancer, bring great financial blessing, and comfort those who are hurting. When it comes to believing for myself, however, I sometimes let doubt creep in. Maybe it’s not God’s timing for me. Maybe this is my cross to bear. Maybe I just have to go through this to build my character. Or one that many can relate with at times, Maybe He does not want to do it for me.

As if on cue, Christine spoke this life-changing sentence. “Doubt dies unborn if it is never spoken.” Tweet this

Doubt Dies Unborn if it is Never Spoken - Christine CaineI have been waiting on a miracle for 120 days. The Israelites had to wait on the miracle of Jericho falling for 7 days. They had to wait on the miracle of the Promised Land for 14,600 days. The woman with the issue of blood waited for her miracle for 4,380 days. Lazarus had to wait on his miracle for 3 days. Jairus waited for his daughter’s miraculous resurrection for less than a day. Clearly, God was not concerned at my miracle-wait-timeline of 119 days yesterday.

I decided in that moment that no longer would I give voice, or even thought, to any of my doubts. God’s Word declares that the miracle I was waiting on was mine. I renewed my mind and was determined to patiently wait and steadfastly hope. I would not give up. I would not stop marching whether I was on day 1, lap 1 or day 7, lap 6.

Galatians 6.9 at http://amandacmcneil.com

I woke up today, day 120, to my miracle. Perhaps I will be able to share the whole story with you one day. But for now, I will just share that I am glad I did not give up on day 119. Hope lives for your miracle is in the making, too.

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