Daniel Fast Dinner Recipes

Today on the continuation of my Daniel Fast Series, I have several dinner recipes.  I label these as “dinner” simply because they may take a little more time than the lunch recipes that I provided yesterday.  Also, some of these can be made ahead, but pretty much all of the lunch recipes can be made ahead, making it easier to make and pack them the night before work.

Here are some delicious recipes that I have made myself and love.

Dinner Ideas

Baked Falafel | Vegan Daniel Fast Dinner IdeasBaked Falafel, Tahina & Israeli Salad - This taste of Israel is lovely.  Since I have been there, I can say that this falafel is pretty close to the real deal, without the frying of course.




Black Bean Quinoa Burgers - Vegan Daniel Fast Dinner RecipesVegan steak fries | Daniel Fast Dinner RecipesBlack Bean Burgers & Potato Wedges - This comes close to classic diner food but without the grease.  That is a win-win!



Israeli-CousCous-Recipe-by-Amandas-Apron - part of a round up of Daniel Fast Dinner Recipes at http://amandacmcneil.comIsraeli Couscous – Subtract the optional parmesan garnish and this is fast-friendly. It also practically tastes like J. Alexander’s restaurant’s recipe!




Vegan Chickpea Burgers | Daniel Fast Dinner RecipesVegan Sweet Potato Chips | Daniel Fast Dinner RecipesChickpea Spinach Burgers & Sweet Potato Chips - Subtract the nutritional yeast in the burgers.  My husband declares these burgers as his favorite of the bunch.


Raw Vegan Tacos | Daniel Fast Dinner Ideaschips and salsa Raw Tacos, Baked Chips & Salsa – This is actually amazing!  We were surprised at how much the walnut “taco meat” was satisfying and delicious!  This is also a quick dinner to make, which is a hit for me.


Vegan Shepherd's Pie | Daniel Fast RecipesVegan Apple Nachos | Daniel Fast RecipesShepherd’s Pie & Apple Nachos - Minus the sugar and nutritional yeast from the pie and no chocolate chips on the nachos.  Still amazing!


Vegan Sweet Potato Burgers | Daniel Fast Dinner RecipesFruit Summer Salad | Daniel Fast RecipesSweet Potato Burgers & Fruit Salad - These burgers are delicious and a great consistency.  And who can turn down avocado and fruit in a salad?

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7 thoughts on “Daniel Fast Dinner Recipes

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  2. For your burgers, what bread did you use because on the Daniel Fast you cannot have yeast which MOST breads do.

    • Hi, Barbara! I never eat the burgers with bread. I typically eat them alone, or occasionally wrapped in butter lettuce or a gluten-free (yeast/sugar-free) tortilla. Thankfully, when eating the burger with vegetables or a salad on the side, it’s still a great meal!

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