Daniel Fast Lunch Recipes

Sometimes you need a little creative help in the department of healthy eating.  I have a list of delicious recipes that I have personally made and love.  This post is actually part of a series on the Daniel Fast and to start with the first post click here.  For breakfast ideas click here, and for a three-week menu plan click here.

Most of these lunch recipes can be made and packed the night before, making the mornings a bit easier.  The next post has Dinner Recipes.

Lunch Ideas

black-bean-soup | Daniel Fast RecipesBlack Bean Soup & Veggie Sandwich – Whole wheat tortilla, hummus, sliced cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, baby spinach, sprouts, roasted red pepper, and shredded carrots.




Vegan Greek Pasta Salad | Daniel Fast RecipesCorn Chowder | Daniel Fast RecipesGreek Pasta Salad & Corn Chowder (No croutons on the soup.)  This is a hearty lunch and easily packable for school or the office.



Healthy-Garden-Sauce-Recipe-Amandas-Apron | Vegan Daniel Fast RecipesHealthy Garden Sauce with Whole Wheat Pasta – another great packable lunch.  The sauce can even be made spicy if you need some bold flavors.




Vegan Miso Soup | Daniel Fast RecipesVegan Soba, Tofu, and Vegetables | Daniel Fast RecipesMiso Soup & Soba, Tofu, & Veggies - I could not find the kelp noodles that the soup calls for, but this was still a delicious recipe.



Whole Wheat Orzo, Spinach, and Mushrooms | Vegan Daniel Fast RecipesWhole Wheat Orzo, Spinach, & Mushrooms - So easy, filling, and delicious!  Feel free to add more oil in place of the Earth Balance Vegan Butter if you do not have any.




Vegan Quinoa Salad | Daniel Fast RecipesHaricot Verts-by-Amandas-Apron | Vegan Daniel Fast RecipesQuinoa Salad & Haricot Verts - These are some of my husband’s favorite lunch recipes.  I make the quinoa salad the night before because the flavors get better with some soaking time.


Vegan rice-and-beans | Daniel Fast RecipesRice & Bean Bowls & Fruit – Often times I will add baby spinach, raw bell peppers, and salsa to make the bowl feel more like a meal.




Vegan Sunflower Mac | Daniel Fast RecipesSunflower Mac & Steamed Veggies – This is a great recipe.  However, it does not taste like Mac & Cheese so do not think that it will…like I thought it would.  Also, eliminate the nutritional yeast for the fast.



Vegan Tabouli Wraps | Daniel Fast RecipesTabouli Wraps & Fruit – I love Mediterranean food!  It is easy to find healthy recipes that are fast-friendly.  Like the Quinoa Salad, this is a great recipe to make the night before so the flavors can really blend together.



Vegan white-bean-soup | Daniel Fast RecipesVegan Thai Salad | Daniel Fast RecipesWhite Bean Soup & Thai Slaw - Nix the feta cheese from the soup and the wontons and sugar from the slaw recipe.  Still tasty!

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